Day 30

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Lunar Returns


full moon

after you were pregnant full

reflecting back silver from the gold

the star gave you, you start cutting away

and a waning and darkening

a warning of more shadow

more stark separation

curving still in a quarter

until balancing the sides

the black, the white


after the half

continue the waning path

till you are the dusky velvet

a sumi ink dot – the dusty seed

of new – new moon

ready to streak

and tingling in sparkling possibility

a waxing and illumination

of what is promise and splendour

more bright radiation

curving still in a quarter

until balancing astride

continue the waxing path

your seed swells

pulling empaths and crazies

the tides and the wolves

your seed howls

when ripe, when full

full moon



Saffron – April 2020



Write a poem about something that returns. For, just as the swallows come back to Capistrano each year, NaPoWriMo and GloPoWriMo will ride again!