Day 29



oh yay! The day we picked these two

from their foster mama, and real mama cat

we went for two girls, and miss grey tabby

bright eyes and sassy was an obvious, one,

but the grey boy nearly chartreux or blue

tapped our hands with his paw

and our fur family went purring off


so different – really womb-mates?


the boy, Atlas loves to cuddle

enjoys luxury and lazing

keeps laps warm and watches Netflix

when I do – he crosses his front paws

and is vocal, he will meow for food

his coat is silky and shines metallic

and sometimes sleep is belly side up

as if warming in the golden sun

while a tuft of white on his chest

serves as a bow tie


but Rhea the grey tabby girl, almost pink

is pretty and dainty… -looking only

she will hunt and jump, higher

than you think she can go

happy to sleep on a bookcase

when she speaks it’s a little squeak

or a staccato chirp – fairly rare

you want to listen – you ought to

her fur is more modest and practical

more cottony to the touch

the only laps she does are around

the house – too busy

not the inclination nor the time to dally

if you’re lucky she’ll knead bread

on your tummy, but she gives

the most delightful kitty kisses


and the two together ensure

that you should never be alone

why, try take a shower

and Rhea will jump and open

the door – they both will wait –

anything bathroom is strictly public

for cats – ye shall not be alone!

and the scoop of the sink

is perfectly cat shaped says Atlas



Saffron – April 2020



Write a paean to the stalwart hero of your household: your pet. Sing high your praises and tell the tale of Kitty McFluffleface’s ascension of Mt. Couch. Let us hear how your intrepid doggo bravely answers the call to adventure whenever the leash jingles.