Day 28

Flat in the Combe


the studio duplex was new, so new

that my first visit was before

it was even finished – to see

the bedroom on the upper floor

the builder leaned up an old ladder

my shoes slightly slippery

from the cement dust. Unclean,

the bathroom cement was evident

and as yet, no door

but eeny meany, I could choose

some of the finishings

some of the styles

and the colour (salmon)

of the bathroom tiles


the bedroom space had metres high

to think – an attic flat under the roof

and one could see the lake, the sky

the mountains from the balcony-windows

cut in the angles of the white slope


and for my décor, my books

and finally, an aquarium

the calming swishes of angelfish

with their arrows following me

across the room “in vogue”

and the building’s heat rose

deliciously to me, the best –

the best flat yet for me

the tropical bachelorette!


Saffron – April 2020


By the Emily Dickinson Museum. First, read this brief reminiscence of Emily Dickinson, written by her niece. And now, here is the prompt that the museum suggests:

Martha Dickinson Bianchi’s description of her aunt’s cozy room, scented with hyacinths and a crackling stove, warmly recalls the setting decades later. Describe a bedroom from your past in a series of descriptive paragraphs or a poem. It could be your childhood room, your grandmother’s room, a college dormitory or another significant space from your life.