Day 16


You’re Absofuckinglutely Great


jeez, you’re so fucking fanticious

in so many tremend-did

and gobsmacking brilltastic

terrif-ing, amaziant

and just stupendish ways

well, greatific

but you’re fabtraordinary you

especially extraful and splendocious

not to mention


and wondercially bling



Saffron – April 2020


Rather than encouraging minimalism, today we challenge you to write a poem of over-the-top compliments. Pick a person, place, or thing you love, and praise it in the most effusive way you can. Go for broke with metaphors, similes, and more. Need a little inspiration? Perhaps you’ll find it in the lyrics of Cole Porter’s “You’re The Top.” (Scroll down at the link for the lyrics and an annotated explanation of them).