Day 15

Truth In Love

Inspired by song of same name by Art of Noise


the car in neutral throttles, panting

hu hu hu hu, hee hee hee hu

hee hee hee hu

while I shrug my shoulders once

and ask “what?” on a second shrug

bom, bom-bom

a dawning realization as the truth comes


and it’s not great news

so a dull moan tentatively

ahem ahem uh ahem


rippling harplike arpeggio

keep panting and shrugging and moan

aaah, aaah


take the ice-cream cone that is just

at the right moment

in this hot summer hum

mmmm, mmmm, mmmm


but an oboe is throwing guilt questions

“is that what you really

want to do?”

and the subconscious chimes in

truth is



Saffron – April 2020




Write a poem inspired by your favorite kind of music. Try to recreate the sounds and timing of a pop ballad, a jazz improvisation, or a Bach fugue. That could mean incorporating refrains, neologisms and flights of whimsy, or repeating/inverting lines or ideas – whatever your chosen musical form would seem to require! Perhaps a good way to start is to listen to your favorite piece of music and “free-write” for the duration  of the piece, and then use what you’ve written as the building blocks for your poem.