Day 13

 Royalty Wins Over Cynicism


forgive me my recent cynicism

but we have come to dry out by the beach

been happily single since a week


so curious this specimen: an older pair

of long loving

and hand holding Americans


while I dry out my remaining damp crumbs

of relationship nostalgia here

the sky’s and the sea’s blues are coupling


they are vintage rock and roll, she wears

a streak of purple in her hair, and he has silver

through both nipples and in his ears


an unhealthy curiosity, I fear

and confess that I just had to know

and stole a good long gawk


through the woven rim of a straw hat

and the secret reflection of my prescription

shades, my search was triumphant


as evidenced through the stretch of the pink

fabric of the Speedo, my gaze rests on the royalty

of his glorious Prince Albert tucked in limply


with a smile – I turn satisfied and belly up

if not for me now, well I can celebrate them

and laugh away my recent dishevelled chum


Saffron – April 2020




Write a non-apology for the things you’ve stolen. Maybe it’s something as small as your sister’s hairbrush (or maybe it was your sister’s boyfriend!) Regardless, I hope this sly prompt generates some provocative verse for you.