Day21: Serving of Noodles

Serving of Noodles


Cold noodles, cold noodles take my attitude

hopes that taste so good, like sex. Cake, salad? I like tea.

my cooling tea, so altruist, irks my wrong reputation as you

laugh in peals, seeing my mood. Cake, noodles


my mate tunes in? I am a visitor in mitts. Teen

acne lately, land soul jabs to sissies. Sea on

mute, June classes in apple cinnamon

grapefruit, I seem not extravagant


yah, lay next to lapis lazuli for sex, burn one’s self, I am golden sex

can you see only mute? Us waiting to pee, glistening

to a toe pool, need only taste tight, nay, good

time is in mine. My taste has selling online all over


take my attitude. Cold cold noodles, noodles cold

my tune, hope tastes so good, like sex. To ask, jab fucker.

or tea or to it, I smolder. Can my mate

tune in? I like tea. My visitors in mitts they inherited.


Saffron – April 2020

Based on Estonian poem by Hasso Krull:


Find a poem in a language that you don’t know, and perform a “homophonic translation” on it. What does that mean? Well, it means to try to translate the poem simply based on how it sounds. You may not wind up with a credible poem at the end, but this can be a fun way to step outside of your own mind for a bit, and develop a poem that speaks in a distinctive voice.

Right now, right now I would like to change – Hasso Krull (Estonia)



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