Day11 prompt: Card on Politician’s Bouquet and Plant

Card on Politician’s Bouquet and Plant


My dear Politician,


So dear. As in costly you are

to us. I feel that I need

to crown you with flowers


my initial bouquet is in purple tones

with a touch of white and red

the people insist on the white catchfly*

to define their deepest sentiment felt


a foundation of purple bee ophrys* state how

this all began, and we infer it complements

this scarlet auricula* that resembles your Tao

we assume, from inference


a few sprays of this purple cobaea* could be shared

on Twitter, making sure the adjoining evidence

of white common almond* be seen as clearly and

as surely as the agnus castus* is intended


for your incomparable work so far, my second

offering, a plant – came without Greenaway’s guides

but like you – it attracts with its perfume

my generosity compelled me to add

the star of this stapelia* to you.



Signed: “Belvedere*

of Kate Greenaway Fan Club



Saffron – April 2020

@   @   @

*Flower definitions used:

white catchfly (betrayed), bee ophrys (error), scarlet auricula (avarice), cobaea (gossip), common almond (stupidity, indiscretion), agnus castus (coldness, indifference), belvedere (I declare against you)

stapelia: Starfish or Carrion flower which attracts flies

PS: I did this the day after – trying to keep up with poems and other things!


Write a poem in which one or more flowers take on specific meanings. And if you’re having trouble getting started, why not take a gander at this glossary of flower meanings? (You can find a plain-text version here). Feel free to make use of these existing meanings, or make up your own.

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