Day7: Overcast on Wasp-76b

Overcast on Wasp-76b


sunny side up with clear skies

gets monotonous on the bright side


always on the run, so darn fast

that I nearly outrun the sun


the alpha, the racing on steroids, the yang

while the yin gazes out to the asteroids


my cool face has the force of iron clouds

without a doubt, ready to rain bullets


should you even try to break my isolation

it would be the occasion for shots fired


so far, in my own binary world

it’s always cloudy with a chance of iron rain.




Saffron – April 2020



Write a poem based on a news article. Frankly, I understand why you might be avoiding the news lately, but this is a good opportunity to find some “weird” and poetical news stories for inspiration. 

I chose this one:

 “Researchers Discover Faraway Planet Where the Rain is Made of Iron

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